Shoulder Pain

Osteopathy has a solution for your shoulder pain which is most likely the result of a muscle strain or of inflammation in the shoulder tendons. We can help your shoulder pain from limiting your daily activities. The direct and specific manual treatment will reduce muscle tension, disperse inflammation, and increase joint mobility.

Are you having trouble performing daily activities such as: putting your shirt over your head, putting your arm into your jacket sleeve, making a ponytail in your hair, fastening your bra, or grabbing your seatbelt to put it over your shoulder? If so, Sheera at the Jerusalem Osteopathic Center will grant you professional, gentle treatment to free up the inflamed tendons and to relax the tense muscles which are causing your shoulder pain. Osteopathic treatment is helpful in reducing pain and improving range of movement in cases of:

Shoulder pain is often associated with poor posture, starting new arm activities, and poor strength- training technique. Sheera will give you advice to help improve your posture and your work-out technique. She will also equip you with simple stretches for added self-help tools to practice at home.

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