Back Pain and Slipped Disc

How osteopathy can help those of you suffering from low back pain, sciatica, a slipped disc (without the need for surgery)

The osteopath uses hands-on treatment such as: soft-tissue massage, joint mobilization, and muscle release to reduce the inflammation, the muscle spasm, and the nerve strain. These are the most common physical factors causing your low back pain and sciatica.

The vast majority of low back pain is caused by inflammation and muscle tension (often affecting the nerves too). Episodes of swelling and muscle spasm are often the result of our poor lifestyle habits and not directly the result of what is seen on CTs and on MRIs (as these changes are seen in the overwhelming majority of the population).

For example, we sit for long hours in front of a computer or a phone with poor posture;  we lift or bend incorrectly; we don’t exercise enough to keep our backs strong and healthy;  we don’t manage our stress or get enough sleep. All these lifestyle examples put our spinal structures at risk of injury and inflammation.

At the Jerusalem Osteopathic Center, we can’t stop the normal aging process of wear and tear in your spine and discs, but we can halt and reduce your pain and help you get back to work and to the daily activities which you enjoy.

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