Neck Pain

Osteopathy can help those of you suffering from neck pain, a slipped disc in your neck, and neck-related arm pain.

At the Jerusalem Osteopathic Center (JOC), we first take a comprehensive medical history and perform relevant orthopedic and osteopathic examinations, ensuring that your pain is in fact musculoskeletal pain. Subsequently, hands-on (manual) treatment such as: soft-tissue massage, joint mobilization, and muscle release will be employed to reduce the inflammation, the muscle spasm, and the nerve strain, the most common physical factors causing your neck and/or arm pain.

If you are suffering from debilitating pain in your neck; you are not alone.

Neck pain is a very common type of musculoskeletal pain; that means it arises from altered functioning of the muscles, the discs, and the joints of the neck. Neck pain, also referred to as cervical spine pain, is a common condition which can cause significant disability and therefore, force one to take off from work and other regular activities.

The types of repetitive, daily activities which many of us take part in for extended periods of time and which can trigger or aggravate neck pain are:  

Neck pain has also been shown to be associated with depression, difficulty falling asleep, and insomnia.

As is the lower back, the neck is prone to age-related changes in the cervical discs, joints and ligaments. These changes are commonly called degenerative changes and are seen very often on CT and MRI imaging tests of adults. 

 We, at the JOC, can’t reverse the age-related changes in your neck and its discs, but we can reduce the inflammation in your neck and the muscle spasm and thereby relieve your pain.

Sheera will provide you with simple, self-help tools such as stretches and postural and exercise advice to:  aid your speedy return to work and to daily living, enable you to maintain and improve your neck and spine health, and to prevent you from suffering in the future.

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